Gear Pump –VG
Application- Oil Industries
Size: 15 mm to 80 mm
Capacity : 0.5 M3/hr to 27 M3/hr
Head Range: 20 M to 60 M
Venus Gear Pumps are user for Industrial Oil such as Crude oils, Diesel oils, Lube oils,. Other liquids such as cons. Soap water, Syrup Tar, Varnishes etc. may also be used
Material of Construction :-
Body : Closed grain cast iron to IS: 210 Gr. 20
Gear Pinion : Carbon Steel to EN -19
Shaft : Stainless Steel to AISI- 304/410
Bush Bearing : Gun Metal to IS : 318
Relief Valve : The Pump have build in Relief Valve.
Rotation : Clockwise direction when viewed from driving end,can run belt driven or direct coupled,   depending on    speed.
Accuracy : +- 10%
Suction Lift : 4 Mtr.
Field of use :-
Pump can be used for pumping of lube oil 0-100’ E (200-325 SSU) viscosity.
Revolution limits for various liquids according to the size of the pump & working pressure are approximate.
Fully automatic domestic supply installations.
   a) 1500 RPM –for normally flowing oil and other self-lubricating liquids.
   b) 1000 RPM-for transport of denser self-lubricating liquids.
   c) 200-600 RPM- for heavy oils, tar, molasses, varnish, syrup, etc.
Standard Pumps are suitable for maximum temperature of liquid is 1500c.
Other material of construction such as GM. Stainless steel etc.
Pumps fitted with much, seal, and ball bearings are also available on demand request.